Gaia Travel Network we know that every trip is an opportunity to enjoy amazing experiences.

Your membership allows us to meet all your travel requirements and special reservations through the most complete World catalog.

Live, Travel, Enjoy!

Gaia Travel Network


It is created with the intention of satisfying our Members and Guests, focusing on their tastes, preferences and needs, and based on their desires, helping them plan what will be a fantastic experience.

We develop travel alternatives so that they are available when the Member has the opportunity to travel, always with the best attention, taking care of all the details according to their lifestyle.

The most important thing for us is to exceed the expectations of our clients and their companions, offering the most complete range of products and services through solid commercial alliances with the best tour operators and exclusive service providers around the world.


Personalized Attention

At Gaia Travel Network we work uninterruptedly to be the best travel integrator in our country, offering the best options for our Members and Guests.

Maintaining total control in the management and administration of the information of the Members and their companions, making all Quotes and Reservations through a Solid technological platform developed exclusively for GTN.

This allows us to control all the details of your trip automatically, issuing reports and reminders, informing the traveler of the proximity of their trips, the validity of their passport, their financial situation and balance in benefit points.

Served personally by your service executive assigned to your account, keeping a detailed record of how you like to be served.

Reflect Your Lifestyle!

Gaia Travel Network
Gaia Travel Network

Cutting-edge technology at your service

In Gaia Travel Network We have the most Advanced Process Management System in Managing Customer Information, Quotes and Special Reservations, this allows us to Control All the Details of your Trip, Making This a Memorable Event, We Put the Technology and Warmth Human at the Service of Our Travelers.

Travel around the World with Gaia Travel Network!

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